[ bil-der ] : one that builds

Get ready to meet the trail-shapers of Briones! Our upcoming profiles will showcase the dedicated builders who transform dirt into the trails you love. From seasoned veterans to emerging talents, these profiles will introduce you to the individuals sculpting the future of mountain biking in Briones. Stay tuned for insights into their unique styles, favorite trail features, and the passion driving their trail-building endeavors. These builders are the heartbeat of Briones Park's mountain biking community, so get ready to meet the ones behind the trails!



Meet Martino, our powerhouse Lead Trail Builder, equivalent to three men on any dig day. Fueled by ruthless passion and an unparalleled work ethic, crossing paths with him on a dig day is an adrenaline-filled experience. A dirtcraft master, Martino has left his mark on nearly every trail in Briones. When he's not sculpting sweet jumps or riding his creations with the crew, you'll catch him handcrafting swoopy sets. Beyond the trails, Martino's pursuits extend to slaying fish in local and international waters. In the world of mountain biking, Martino is the driving force, turning dirt into dynamic adventures and leaving an indelible imprint on Briones Park.



Meet the Kiwi.  Relentless on the trail going up or down.  A beast with a shovel or pick. Scrape out a line and stand back, while you marvel at a berm appearing before your eyes. Known for kicking ass and building vans he's a genuine asset on any dig day.  A BrionesPatrol OG Vet, Dave has more than a decade as a park ambassador. Beyond the dirt and trails, Dave spends his business hours handcrafting Sprinter Vans, showcasing his passion for precision and design. And when he's not riding, you'll likely hear tales of The Kiwi chasing his beloved All Blacks rugby team around the globe, revealing a diverse palette of interests that add depth to his character.



The Buddha.  Briones Legend.  Slayer of flowy trails, protector of the Briones Spirit. A Briones staple with a 20 year history riding the park.  When not fixing blown out flow Buddha will be out any day of the week on any number of steeds from hardtail to eBike.. Buddha rides and rules them all. What also sets him apart is his love for tinkering with mountain bikes, showcasing a unique skill in converting rigs to mullets and playing with hints of geometry for that optimized ride. When he's not carving through Briones, you might find Buddha extending his commitment to justice in various social well-being endeavors, embodying the spirit of a true guardian on and off the trails.



Quiet like a ninja, Drew does his talking with the shovel. Part craftsman, part artist, we’ve come to rely on Drew after the heavy lifting has been done to throw a fine polish on things. Drew has a knack for fine tuning trail accoutrements to the highest level. When he walks away from the doing, you can bet it’s done, done right, and will be damn pretty to boot. When not sculpting masterful trail creations Drew can be found producing feature length MTB bike vids that display yet another layer to his talents in the visual medium. Whether its making movies or building the trails to shoot them on, Drew approaches his craft with precision and attention to detail.



Known across the East Bay to possess a particular knack for building sweet jumps, there isn’t a trail safe from becoming a jump line in Kevins presence. The most high energy and enthusiastic member of the crew Kevin straight up loves to build trail and when it’s time to work on a jump, Kevin leads the charge. His creations are said to stretch from Oakland to Concord, with air traffic control on notice at all times. In his spare time you’ll find Kevin building more jumps, and when not building jumps. He’s thinking about building the next jump.


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2023 LAPS BY MTB'ers*

* data provided by EBRPD (7/18/23 - 12/31/23)


"Thanks trail gnomes 🤟"


"Thanks for all the great work. You are loved and appreciated"

— Keith T

"Thank you for creating trails that creates awesome memories."

— Jesse

"Thanks for all your work SOB’s!."

— Billy F.

"Thank you for all the work! I hope to help soon."

— George

"Thank you stewards"

— Jeremy S.

"Much love to the SOB posse and what they do!!!"

— Champ

"You Rock"

— Christine, Jakob and Lily

"Thank you for the trail maintenance and access you work towards"

— Frank E.

"The trails are 100x better than before! Thank you SOBs"

— Rob S.
Pleasant Hill

"Finally nice trails that are well maintained and even funner to ride!"

— Mitch

"Stoked to donate and dig! Thank you for making Briones great!"

— Dave

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