Texas Re-Toasted

Last Sunday gave us a short weather window to take advantage of still great working conditions to invest our efforts into the last trail of the Pilot Program to get a re-vamp.  Utilizing the talents of our best 15 trail gnomes we made short work of clearing several storms of debris and trees and providing some general maintenance to this Eastern exit route.   Efforts were limited to particular sections as long term planning has the entry stretch, which we all feel is waste of elevation, in planning for a proposed re-route incorporating an entry point of higher visibility and better connectivity to Radio Tower and that planned exit re-route above.  Those re-routes are currently undergoing Botanist review and on the schedule in the not-so-distant future.  Those small changes will really improve this stretch of trail considerably.

For the time being and with the gracious assistance of the East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD) Trail team, we were able to remove the fallen tree blocking the trail and improve the sweeping turn set in the top section, returning the wall ride feature and extending the flow through that valley.  Should be fun once it sets up and will definitely need wheels on it to get there. There was also considerable maintenance and drainage work done, clearing much of the lower trails, Swedish Meatballs and Swoopies.  So those riders that like to exit out through the Withers lot have a nice fresh tune up to do so and plans are in the works to create even more connectivity between the upper and lower trails.  Stay tuned for more on those updates as plans progress and be sure to reach out to the EBRPD to let them know you appreciate the work that’s being done with their support and assistance.

A HUGE thank you to all our hard working volunteers who are putting hundreds of hours of sweat equity into this Pilot Program.  Also, big ups to those supporting the effort, Mike’s Bikes for keeping our rigs tuned up, and our workforce fed.  And to our ride fam, your contributions makes all of this possible, and we couldn’t do this without your donations. Thank you and see you on the trails!