This is the Hard Part

As is true with all things in life.  Compromise is a given to get most anything you want.  It was with this mindset that the Stewards of Briones agreed to be part of the ‘restoration’ of a beloved stretch of legitimate double black Briones hardline.  The trail formerly known as Cookies was surrendered back to nature over the course of two consecutive community dig days.  

You never really get a true understanding of how steep a trail is until you try to hike it with tools, and this one was known (and loved, by those that could manage it) for its sketchy loose and steep exit.  Despite the thrill ride, Cookies had several fatal flaws the parks district could not ignore.  Multiple fence line crossings, steep and fast fall line running parallel to barb wire, and a very dangerous trail crossing placed literally in the worst place possible, at a gate on a crossing trail.  It was obvious the park could not carry the liability on this one and as a result led to the nomination for restoration by Parks staff. 

While the Stewards were sorry to see it go and the day was one of mixed emotion, we surrendered another stretch of trademark Briones steeps back to nature in the spirit of cooperation looking forward to our own upcoming dig days to enhance the features and trail quality of trails that have been approved by the District. 

We are hopeful the MTB community can agree.  While this is a tough one to let go, good things will come as a result of doing so.  Thank you for your understanding.  Look forward to reaping the rewards when the weather turns Briones soil workable.